CHC-CMHC Integration Resources

CHC-CMHC Integration Resources

CHC-CMHC Collaboration Resource

Health Environment, Lead Up, State Environment - Terri White, ODMHSAS, & Terry Cline, OSDH

Health Care Model 101 - CHCs - Brent Wilborn, OKPCA

Health Care Model 101 - CMHCs - Carrie Slatton-Hodges, ODMHSAS

Telehealth - Sean Couch, ODMHSAS 

Models of Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration - Mike Lardiere, NACHC

Models that Work - A Missouri Experience - Joseph J. Parks, MDMHS

Models that Work- An Oklahoma Experience - Lou Carmichael & David Howlett, Variety Care & Clark Grothe, Northcare

Spreadsheet BH Revenue Model Example