Community Health Vote Update & Resources

Community Health Vote Update & Resources

As the primary election season winds down and we get closer to the November 6th general election, there is a still plenty of time for you and your health to make a difference by registering and encouraging your staff, patients and communities to vote. Over 200 organizations from 44 states have so far downloaded the Community Health Vote Toolkit and many more have let us know they plan to be part of Community Health Vote this year. There is still time for you to join them and help empower your community.

Because the goal of Community Health Vote is not just registering new voters, but also to provide information and assistance to encourage every eligible voter to vote, we are asking every center to encourage as many people and staff as possible to use our online registration portal or to complete our "Pledge to Vote" brochures. Even if you are not registering new voters, directing clients to our online portal or distributing and collecting our Pledge to Vote forms will give everyone who wants or needs reminders and information about voting in their state the opportunity to receive this information. Pledge to Vote brochures are available for the cost of shipping as long as you commit to distribute, collect and return completed pledge forms to us. For information about Pledge to Vote email us at

To support your Community Health Vote efforts, NACHC will continue to provide tools and training assistance:

You can download an updated Community Health Vote Toolkit

Our online voter registration portal is now accessible in both English and Spanish

You can now order low cost voter engagement posters, buttons, stickers and other items in both English and Spanish from our online store:

We are announcing a series of health center voter engagement webinars, including:

  • Non-Partisan Voter Registration at Your Health Center: The Basics
  • Non-Partisan Voter Registration at Your Health Center: Motivating Patients & Staff to Vote
  • Working with Volunteers and Partnering with Other Organizations for Voter Registration at Your Health Center
  • Tracking Your Voter Engagement Success
  • Best practices: Models of Successful Voter Engagement at Health Centers

For more information or to register for a webinar go to

NACHC staff and some of our partners are available to provide webinars and some on site trainings for your center; to request a webinar or training email

NACHC's Community Health Vote GOTV Poster Contest is also underway; the deadline to enter is June 29!

There is still time for you and your health center to be a part of this historic effort to engage our communities. We hope you will.