Medicare Billing Intensive

Is your center being paid for the care that you’re delivering?  

Recently, it’s become clear that there is a disconnect between clinical staff and billing staff that could be costing your center money.  For instance, how do we code Adult Well Visits to make certain that CMS will pay the claims?  We have seen health centers lose thousands of dollars just simply because of those small, but critical details.

Help is here!  PCNOK is pleased to bring training for you and your staff that will connect clinical quality measures, adult wellness visits (and other care), and billing operations.  In other words, we will show how your clinical staff and billing staff can work together to make certain that your center is being properly paid for all of the care that you’re delivering AND meeting quality metrics. We have prevailed upon one of the most experienced FQHC billing teams in the nation and Imperium, our ACO consultant, to clarify the questions that we know are troubling Oklahoma Community Health Centers.

We urge CHC executives to bring their clinical directors and billing staff to this special session:

What:  Maximizing revenue for Community Health Centers – live training on the connection between clinical and billing operations
When: Thursday, August 30, 2018, 1 pm to 5 pm
Sponsor:  PCNOK
Where: Oklahoma Primary Care Association, 6501 Broadway Extension, #200, Oklahoma City

Attend in-person or virtually!