U.S. House Proposes to Repeal Health Reform Provisions

U.S. House Proposes to Repeal Health Reform Provisions

The U.S House of Representatives propose H.R. 2 the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act”.  H.R. 2 would repeal the provisions of Public Law 111-152 and restore the provisions as if that law were never enacted.

 Overview of the Health Care Legislation

 U.S. House Passes Health Care Reform Package (3/21):

The U.S. House of Representatives sent the Senate passed version of health reform legislation, HR3590, on to the President Sunday, March 21, 2010 with 219-212 vote.  The House also passed a reconciliation bill, HR4872, to amend the prior passed HR3590 and together form a health care reform package.  HR4872 is on the Senate for consideration.  Combined this legislation when implemented is expected to expand health insurance coverage to an additional 32 million individuals.  Also, as part of the package, 20 to 25 million additional individuals are expected to gain access to affordable, high quality, comprehensive primary health care through health centers.

 Signed and became Public Law No: 111-148, 03/23/10.

Final Health Reform Reconciliation Bill, HR4872 became Public Law 111-152 3/25/10.


Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010  (HR4872)

03/25/10 Final House vote 220-207

03/25/10 Senate vote 56-43

3/21/10 House vote 220-211

Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (HR 3590)

3/21/10 Final House vote 219-212

11/24/09 Senate vote 60-39

National Association of Community Health Centers - Fact Sheet:

"Community Health Centers and Health Reform: Summary of Key Health Center Provisions"


Earlier legislation:

House version (11/7/09 House vote - 220-215):

Affordable Health Care For America Act (HR 3962)


Health Summit (2/25):

The Whitehouse and Congressional Members from both sides of the aisle met Thursday, February 25th to discuss health care reform.  Click here to go to the Whitehouse page to learn more and view video from the summit.