About Community Development

Oklahoma Primary Care Association is working toward 100% access to health care in Oklahoma and no health disparities. The Community Development Program serves as a catalyst for achieving this goal.  OKPCA provides technical assistance to communities and/or organizations who are interested in starting a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).


  • Identification of key partners and local leadership for participation in meetings
  • Identification of entities from which a letter of support is needed and facilitation of communication
  • Assistance gathering needs assessment data and information on the current health policy environment
  • Assessment of workforce needs and linkage to available resources
  • Assessment of  health information technology needs and linkage to available resources
  • Facilitation of strategic planning
  • Determining expansion of availability of services, where there is currently widespread access problems

Additionally, community development also encompasses a wide-range of safety-net sustainability. 

The Community Development program:

Assists in Creating New Access Points

  • Work with communities to develop primary care sites including FQHCs
  • Work with communities to expand availability of services, particularly in the area of dental and behavioral health where there is currently widespread problems with access
  • Provide technical assistance to access other necessary resources

Strengthens the Safety Net

  • Develop initiatives to sustain and strengthen safety net providers and encourage joint planning and information-sharing
  • Work with communities to create integrated delivery systems through coordination and collaboration