Chequita Owens

Chequita Owens

Chequita Owens, PhD – Data and Research Coordinator

Chequita has a Doctorate in Sociology (with concentrations in health care, family and policy), as well as Masters and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology. Chequita joined OKPCA in February 2009. Her functions and products support data collection, construction and analysis efforts organization-wide, as well as answers data-related inquiries from potential grantees and the general public.

Chequita’s work supports a variety of OKPCA programs and services including, but not limited to:

  • Data collection and analysis for HRSA SAC or NAP applications
  • Data supporting program evaluation (facility-specific UDS data fact sheets)
  • Data supporting program development or improvement (special research projects or needs assessment support)

Chequita can be contacted at (405) 252-8713.