What Services Do Community Health Centers Provide?

If you are exploring healthcare options, you might be wondering about the services provided by community health centers. Whether you are looking for primary care, dental services, or mental health support, these centers offer a wide range of healthcare services to meet the needs of your community.


Healthcare Services at Community Health Centers

Primary Care

At the heart of health centers are primary care services. These centers are staffed with dedicated healthcare professionals who provide comprehensive care, including preventive services, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, management of chronic conditions, and much more. They are the first point of contact for health concerns and play a crucial role in maintaining the overall well-being of the community.


Dental Care

Good oral care is essential to maintaining your overall health. Many centers offer dental care services, ranging from routine cleanings and exams to more complex needs such as fillings and extractions. These services ensure that oral health is accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.


Behavioral Health Services

Recognizing the importance of mental health, many CHCs also provide behavioral health services. This includes counseling, therapy, substance abuse treatment, and support for patients dealing with mental health disorders. The integrated care approach ensures that patients receive extensive care that addresses both their physical and mental health needs.


Pharmacy Services

To make healthcare truly accessible, some local centers include on-site pharmacies that offer prescription medications at reduced rates. This not only makes it convenient for patients to get their prescriptions but also ensures that they can afford the medications they need to live healthy lives.


Vision Services

Vision services, including eye exams and glasses prescriptions, are also available at certain centers. These services ensure that community members have access to quality eye care to maintain good eye and vision health.


Specialty Care

While primary care covers a broad spectrum of health needs, some conditions require the expertise of specialists. Health centers often have arrangements with specialists in areas such as cardiology, dermatology, and gynecology, ensuring that patients have access to the specialized services they need, either on-site or through referral systems.


Health Education and Preventive Services

Education is a powerful tool in fostering positive habits and preventing disease. These centers provide health education on various topics, such as nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, and disease prevention. They also offer preventive services like vaccinations and screenings, which are key to keeping the community healthy.


Can Everyone Benefit From CHCs?

Community health centers are open to everyone – individuals and families, regardless of whether they have insurance or are able to pay. They accept various insurance plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance, and provide services on a sliding fee scale based on income for those who are uninsured or underinsured. This ensures that healthcare services are accessible to all, especially underserved populations.


Find Quality Healthcare Near You!

Local health centers are invaluable assets to our communities in Oklahoma. These centers break down financial barriers to healthcare and offer a wide spectrum of services under one roof, making comprehensive care more accessible to everyone. From primary care to specialized services, these centers are equipped to address the diverse health needs of their communities.

Supporting and recognizing the role of these centers is crucial in ongoing efforts to improve healthcare accessibility and quality for all individuals. By fostering an environment where healthcare services are accessible and affordable, we contribute to building healthier communities. The continuous support and enhancement of local centers are essential for addressing the health needs of diverse populations, ensuring that no one is left behind in our journey towards equitable healthcare.


OKPCA: Advocacy and Accessibility

At OKPCA, we proudly advocate for CHCs in Oklahoma and the individuals who rely on them. We are committed to increasing accessibility to healthcare services, ensuring every Oklahoman receives high-quality, affordable healthcare. By strengthening local centers, we aim to build healthier communities across Oklahoma.

To find a center near you, please visit our interactive map or get in touch with us.